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TY Admin Week 25

TY Admin Week 25

TY Admin - 30th March 2020

General Admin

First of all I would once again like to wish you all well and good health.

Thank you to all the students who have been engaging with the google classroom work and with emails. Those of you who haven't been in touch will be emailed today.

Please engage with all your teachers' work. Some of which is included at the end of this document.

Use your TY diary to plan your day as going from one classroom to another can be confusing. Check the assignment due dates and plan in your diary around these.

Have a plan for your work.

Consider your home and family life your priority and I'm sure you are all

helping out as much as you can. It is understandable at present if some of you are experiencing difficulties at home, with illnesses, change in routines, minding younger siblings or even just experiencing anxiety about everything that's happening. The work here is not here to stress you further but merely to give you some focus outside of all that's happening, even for an hour or two a day here and there. Let me know if you are experiencing any difficulties at all and need some help/someone to talk.

For the foreseeable future, we will continue with online activities as best we can.

Nothing has changed about what we hope to gain from the year. We will

still be developing your skills in the three key areas;

  1. Academic and Technical Skills
  2. Personal Development
  3. Life and Social Skills

However, as the school closure continues, we will put more emphasis

now on your Academic Skill progression so the activities you will be involved in will fall into two categories.

  1. Coursework
  2. Portfolio Building Opportunities

Portfolio Building opportunities

Work Experience

If you have your work experience diary complete for this session then you send it on by email otherwise this is something you can be working on. I will accept 8 weeks minimum.

You have a copy of a blank diary in your emails. I will post the deadline in the google classroom. It needs to be in for this Friday 3rd April.

John Paul II

Derry Diocesan Youth are running challenges for you to do which you should all be now involved in. This is the link to their original post asking you to take part.

Please pass this on to everyone doing their PJP2 Award. You can still receive your hour a week if you tune in to our online programme and follow the task. WE GO LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT AT 8:30PM. See you all then. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 🙌🏻


Please follow them on whatever social media platform you use and complete the challenges. Keep a record of what you have been doing in a folder in your drive naming it JPII award.

It would be a lovely idea to send Easter cards to the residents of the local nursing homes especially the girls who visited Buncrana Nursing Unit regularly. You can email your Easter card to or post to Buncrana Nursing Unit, Maginn Ave, Buncrana, Co Donegal. Please close your envelope using sellotape. Thanks to Buncrana’s Children’s Charity for this idea

Please try and do this. Look forward to the photos of your homemade or bought cards.


As regards Gaisce many of you are nearly finished. Download the form on, it’s the bronze award record sheet and fill in what activities you have been doing even if you cannot get it signed for now.

Gaisce have set up a new section on their page gaisceabhaile. This is the link

Click on this and read up on what alternatives you can use to finish your gaisce eg cooking, online exercise class, they are offering lots of alternatives. I would suggest you set up a folder for Gaisce in your drive and put a photo of all the things you do in it and any writing you do for the course below. Keep it all together and I can check it then.

Please send photos to myself or of your gaisce or John Paul work for school facebook.

I have shared a creative writing course you can do which will count for a third of your award.

Creative Writing Course

Please find below a link to a Creative Writing course that you can complete which counts as a third of your Bronze Gaisce Award.

It is 13 videos you listen to and they set you challenges. You paste all your completed challenges into a word/google doc and send it to The Big Smoke Writing factory. The only email I have for them is Please also email me your completed work.

Each video takes 20 mins and then takes 20-40 mins to complete the challenge. The first video explains how it works.

This should be completed by everyone regardless of Gaisce as it is a certified course. For those that are doing Gaisce it may make up for the shortfall we will have with school closure.

Alison Courses

These three courses should be completed by now and will form part of your final certification.

Leadership for life

Please continue to work on your leadership for life project, following your workbook as a guide and collaborating with your team on google drive. Remember it has to be in google slides as a presentation. The deadline for this will be set after Easter.

For #GAAFutureLeader TY students working on their "My Future Leaders Journey" ePortfolio, this video will help you. Remember, it can ALL be done on your phone. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

End of Year Portfolio

The format for presenting your portfolio at the end of the

year is to be confirmed but we are looking at digital portfolios, picture

submissions or September grading of the TY box all as options at


All students MUST submit their TY Portfolio at the end of the year. Previously we have done this as an interview with 2 teachers from another school where you present your achievements in a creative physical piece called your 'TY Box'.

A teacher will interview you about what you have included and it is

a great chance for you to show all the small (and big) projects you have


It also gives you a chance to show off your creative side.

Some students have previously made the box from scratch out of wood/old boxes at home, others have decorated cardboard boxes of various sizes and

included mementos, project work, photos and all sorts of highlights from

the year.

So this is my next project for you. Start working on putting your box together. What will you use? How will you decorate it? What will you put in it?


Here is a new one. You can find the others in the shared google doc called competitions.


  1. Byrne: Music

Work outlined in Google Classroom

Classroom code:ugmo3td

Reminder Ms Gorney’s World Affairs Google Classroom Code: rdlcpwc


  1. Doherty Math- Classroom code- ed72zpv. Work is due. Instructions are outlined on the class page.
  2. Baldrick Math - Work is assigned on the Google Classroom on the 3 days that you are timetabled for Math. Please engage.

  1. McGuinness - Science
  2. If doing a survey choose 15 questions out of the 20 you had to send me that you are going to use.
  3. Once I have confirmed them, start creating your survey using survey monkey.
  4. Email the survey to TY students once I have checked it.

  1. If doing a practical, continue to gather results and make sure you are taking photos and recording your results using video footage!! - This will contribute towards your 2 minute video we will send to SciFest judges.
  2. Make sure your background information and experimental method is fully complete.

  1. Gralton- Gaeilge.

Treoracha ar Google Classroom. Beidh sibh ag obair ar thionscadal don seachtain ar fad ach tá rogha agaibh cén tionscadal a dhéanfaidh tú (Crann ginealaigh nó oideas). Sa dá chás, beidh sibh ag dearadh póstaer ar Google docs nó ar leathanach geal s'abhaile. Caithfear é a uaslódáil ar Google Classroom Dé hAoine.

  1. Corbett: Science

Analysis of Central Statistics Office Environmental (rainfall) data exercise has yet to be completed by some members of the class and is due tomorrow.

A new statistical analysis assignment on the analysis of CSO Bovine TB data (2016-2019) has been posted and is due for completion BEFORE Friday, April 3rd.

  1. O’Sullivan - Cookery

Reminder to those who still have to complete their baking challenges of Cookies and Queen Cakes - they are both due tomorrow. Another challenge will be set tomorrow.

If you do not have the ingredients or equipment needed, get creative and make something that you do have the ingredients for and upload the photos to the assignment tab in Google Classroom.

Good luck everyone!

MMcBride/ ShannonKelly - Enterprise

Continue on with Assignments posted last week. Deadline for all 4 assignments is this week depending on what day you have enterprise.

Ms. O’ Brien - Leadership

Students should be collaborating on their projects using Google Drive. Please follow the layout in your workbooks. The project should be presented through a PowerPoint (as instructed in class). Upon completion please share the PowerPoint Presentation with me.

Ms Deeney- English

For those of you who haven’t written your short story, please do. Could you all read at least one novel and submit a review on it.

Ms Deeney- History

‘We didn’t start the fire’ Billy Joel. Research all the historical references this song makes.

Investigate the history behind, ‘Strange Fruits’ Billie Holiday, ‘Grace’ WolfeTones, ‘Winds of Change’ Scorpion and a song of your own choosing.

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