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TY Admin - 23rd March

General Admin

First of all I would like to wish you all well and good health. Thank you to all the students who have been engaging with the google classroom work and with emails.

There have been many teething problems but we will get there.

Please engage with all your teachers' work. Use your TY diary to plan your day as going from one classroom to another can be confusing. Check the assignment due dates and plan in your diary around these. Have a schedule for your work.

It is important that I hear from each and every one of you and know you are working away. Please email any issues so we can try and sort them. There are some students who haven’t engaged at all and this is not acceptable. The school needs confirmation that you are on board.

Work Experience

Students should not be attending work experience.

If you have your work experience diary complete for this session then you send it on by email otherwise this is something you can be working on. I will accept 8 weeks minimum.

You have a copy of a blank diary in your emails. I will post a deadline for this next week.

John Paul II

Please do not attend any organised activities in relation to this course. If you have been going to the chapel of adoration as part of your John Paul feel free to continue to do this if you wish, as long as it is available, keeping in mind HSE guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing.

Derry Diocesan Youth are running challenges for you to do which you should all be now involved in. This is the link to their original post asking you to take part.

Please pass this on to everyone doing their PJP2 Award. You can still receive your hour a week if you tune in to our online programme and follow the task. WE GO LIVE TOMORROW NIGHT AT 8:30PM. See you all then. 🙏🏻🙏🏻 🙌🏻


Please follow them on whatever social media platform you use and complete the challenges. Keep a record of what you have been doing in a folder in your drive naming it JPII award.


As regards Gaisce many of you are nearly finished. Download the form on, it’s the bronze award record sheet and fill in what activities you have been doing even if you cannot get it signed for now.

Gaisce have set up a new section on their page gaisceabhaile. This is the link

Click on this and read up on what alternatives you can use to finish your gaisce eg cooking, online exercise class, they are offering lots of alternatives. I would suggest you set up a folder for Gaisce in your drive and put a photo of all the things you do in it and any writing you do for the course below. Keep it all together and I can check it then.

I have shared a creative writing course you can do which will count for a third of your award. Get out for exercise often and that will count for your physical activity.

Creative Writing Course

Please find below a link to a Creative Writing course that you can complete which counts as a third of your Bronze Gaisce Award.

It is 13 videos you listen to and they set you challenges. You paste all your completed challenges into a word/google doc and send it to The Big Smoke Writing factory. The only email I have for them is Please also email me your completed work.

Each video takes 20 mins and then takes 20-40 mins to complete the challenge. The first video explains how it works.

This should be completed by everyone regardless of Gaisce as it is a certified course. For those that are doing Gaisce it may make up for the shortfall we will have with school closure.

Alison Courses

I have shared three assignments with you in the google classroom. These are online courses. One due last week, one due today and one due this Friday. Some students have had difficulty with getting this to work. It seems to work best on a laptop rather than an apple device and using internet explorer rather than chrome. Mr Bladrick has sent an email tonight explaining how to try and get it working. If it still doesn’t work try emailing Alison as every person's issue can be different and they will talk you through. Many TY have been successful in finishing it, you could try asking your friends how they got on. You can only do your best.

Leadership for Life

Please remember that all TY students must put together a report on a local, national or global issue of their groups choice for leadership for life Session 2.

You should all be in your groups at this stage and have decided on your topic. If you haven’t got a group sorted then please get two or three of you on board to work on this together.

One person in the group should begin a google slides presentation and share it with the others in their group. Follow your workbooks to see the report titles and the process to follow.

Decide who will be responsible for what parts and put a deadline on when you all want to have each part complete.

Remember you need to contact someone who you can interview about it or get information from a relevant agency or body. This will be completed by phone or email.

You also must make recommendations for how improvements could be made or what should be done going forward.


Please respond to the email I shared from Soar and fill in their survey. They are hoping to provide an online programme.

Arts 4 Youth

This course is hoping to go ahead online. Your parents should have received a text asking them to opt out if they don’t want you to be part of it.

GAA Future Leaders

For #GAAFutureLeader TY students working on their "My Future Leaders Journey" ePortfolio, this video will help you. Remember, it can ALL be done on your phone. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us!

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