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TY Admin Week 19


TY Admin - 10th February 2020


  • You should all know how many credits you are on now from your report.
  • YOu will be getting a second set of credits awarded to you this week.
  • You will be getting credits for your work experience so please make sure your diary, report etc are all handed in.
  • Follow up with your previous employer if I haven’t received yours yet. Check shared google sheet.
  • Please ensure you have handed in your work experience details for this term and have collected a timesheet and diary for your work experience. Please stay behind if you are behind with any of this stuff.

Build a Bank

How is this going?

There have been a few enquiries about how to lodge money. Please put something in the memo so people know when to attend.

TY Spanish

Workshop on Latin America from 8.52 to Reg Thursday.

Social Media Ambassadors

Good luck with highland interview today

What initiatives have you planned?

TY Galway

There must be no excuses now regarding payment or permission slips for Galway.

All in immediately.

Bundoran Trip - Restorative Practice

All those going on this trip must have their permission slip back asap.

You will be attending a talk tomorrow to explain to you what restorative practice is all about. I will be putting you in groups now. Times to be confirmed.

There are potentially five spaces now on this trip. Can anyone who would like to go please write their name on a piece of paper now and I will collect them. We will draw out the five possible names then.


Everyone who went to Tullagh is enrolled in the Gaisce awards. The Tullagh trip was your adventure Journey. You should all be doing a community activity in or out of school for 13 weeks and a physical activity outside of school for 13 weeks. Your 26 weeks personal skill is the FETAC IT course. Please make sure you are keeping up with this and get your sheets printed and signed off on.

Pope John Paul award

How many of you are doing this? What are your Parish duties? There will be a potential trip to knock in May for TY and 5th Years. It’s a youth mass. As far as I am aware this will count for 2.5 hours but get Ms O’Connor to check that.

Ski Trip

There are a number of TY going on the Ski trip on Thursday. This is not a day off for everyone else.

Self Defence

This will take place on the 12th of March. Everyone will participate. Full days training. Always a great day.

Pop goes Primary

Can the students involved in the schools and with the sponsorship please stay behind at the end. How is it going recruiting the judges? Anybody got any ideas?

Patricia Tinney

Patricia is looking for our students who still need Gaisce hours to help out on a Tuesday night with Spanish activities in Scoil Iosagain.


I spoke to you about this initiative last week. It will involve 25 TY out at workshops in the school for a half day a week after Easter plus trips and outside activities. There will also be two overnights during the summer which will not be compulsory to attend. I would ask students to email me to let me know if they are interested. Deadline 10pm tonight. I will give priority to fab lab students first as their project is the most in school project with no days out. There is a possibility that citizenship students are going to get a second dance and drama workshop until the end of the year so if this comes to pass they will not be considered for youthscape either.

However if you have not emailed me you will not be included regardless.


Trying to organise Jiving lessons for you during PE class on Friday.

Griffith College Business Enterprise Competition

Deadline for this competition is March 2020

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