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TY Admin - 18th March 2020

Work Experience

Students should not attend work experience until we return to school. If you have your ten week diary complete then you send it on by email otherwise this is something you can be working on. You have a copy of a blank diary in your emails

Gaisce & John Paul

Please do not attend any organised activities in relation to these courses. If you have been going to the chapel of adoration as part of your John Paul feel free to continue to do this if you wish, as long as it is available, keeping in mind HSE guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing.

As regards Gaisce many of you are nearly finished this. Download the form on bronze award record sheet and fill in what activities you have been doing even if you cannot get it signed for now.

I have shared a creative writing course you can do which will count for a third of your award. Get out for exercise often and that will count for your physical activity. Hopefully that will be enough to get it.

Google Classroom work

Assignment 1

Please complete the attached online course on

You will need to use your school email to login

Please share your very with me here in the google classroom by the date below

Thank you.

Customer Service and Support Skills Training Course | Alison

Customer Service and Support Skills Training Course | Alison

Assignment 2

Please complete the attached course by Tues 24th of March

You will need to use your school email to login on www.

Please share your certificate here when you have completed the course.

Time Management in the Modern Workplace Course | 2017 | Alison

Time Management in the Modern Workplace Course | 2017 | Alison

Assignment 3

Please complete the attached course by Friday 28th March

Use your school email to login to

Please share a copy of the certificate here when you have completed the course.

Thank you.

Stress Management Techniques - Free Online Course | Alison

Leadership for Life

Please remember that all TY students must put together a report on a local, national or global issue of their groups choice for leadership for life Session 2.

You should all be in your groups at this stage and have decided on your topic. If you haven’t got a group sorted then please get two or three of you on board to work on this together.

One person in the group should begin a google slides presentation and share it with the others in their group. Follow your workbooks to see the report titles and the process to follow.

Decide who will be responsible for what parts and put a deadline on when you all want to have each part complete.

Remember you need to contact someone who you can interview about it or get information from a relevant agency or body.

You also must make recommendations for how improvements could be made or what should be done going forward.

Creative Writing Course

Please find below a link to a Creative Writing course that you can complete which counts as a third of your Bronze Gaisce Award.

It is 13 videos you listen to and they set you challenges. You paste all your completed challenges into a word/google doc and send it to The Big Smoke Writing factory. The only email I have for them is Please also email me your completed work.

Each video takes 20 mins and then takes 20-40 mins to complete the challenge. The first video explains how it works.

This should be completed by everyone regardless of Gaisce as it is a certified course. For those that are doing Gaisce it may make up for the shortfall we will have with school closure.

Work for TY Religion

Please find attached a mindfulness colouring page which you can print out and colour to aid relaxation. Please pray or listen to some mellow music you enjoy while colouring in. Send me a photo of your masterpiece when you are finished.



Could all students please complete the 3 minute mindfulness activity that Ms O’Connor emailed.

Check google classroom next week for links to quizzes on Lent and Easter.

This is for Ms A Deeney’s English class

Write a short story about a character whose determination to be the centre of attention has unexpected consequences.


Write a short story in which a group of childhood friends form what becomes a world famous band but live to regret their success.

Aim for 3 pages.

Please email this to when complete.

Can you also read a book of your choice, you may be asked to review this as your next piece of work.


Ms A Deeney’s History class:

History and music.

Watch ‘We didn’t start the fire’ Billy Joel on youtube. Note all the historical references and research who and what they are. (over 100)

Look and listen to ‘Grace’ Wolfe Tones, ‘Winds of Change’ The Scorpions, ‘Strange Fruit’ by Billie Holiday. Research their historical significance and write a piece on each one.

Ms R Deeney's Personal Development class - 4C

Ms R Deeney would like you to take a look at these two youtube links as part of your Personal Development class.

This is for Ms C Gillespie’s English class (4A) and Ms E. Bird:

‘The White Dress’ Assignment:

In class today (Thursday 12th March), we watched 'The White Dress'. For your classwork tomorrow (Friday 13th March), please re-watch and write the short story text you think would accompany this film (800-1000 words). Due Friday 20th March @4pm.

Assignment should be uploaded to Google Classroom’s ‘Classwork’ section.

Ms Claire McDermott - Please join my Google classroom

TY Coding - hiepmm3

TY - YSI - uou3nng

TYC - Wellbeing - ojnd4l4 Class code

  1. Keegan Current Affairs - Please Join Class Code- (xwilidb) - Attached is Fine Gael Leader and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar address to the Nation with accompanying text and Link. Analyse the Speech on the 17th March and Answer Accompanying Questions.

Careers: O. McCafferty. Using Google Classroom (Code nesw7nz) Every TY student must have completed.

  1. CV using template on Google Classroom.
  2. Career Investigation. Template on google classroom.

Math: C.Doherty. Please join google classroom code ed72zpv

Math: S Baldrick. An invitation to a google classroom has been emailed. Please accept it through emails or Google Classroom

Work for TY Science - Miss McGuinness’s class

Everyone is already set up on google classroom. The SciFEST competition will be taking place online if we can’t attend the venue so we will still be working on your individual projects. Any investigation that required a practical, I will let you know via email if you could carry out some of these at home that also includes building models.

Make sure to visit the science google classroom every Monday (normal class time) for updates on what I want you to do and any work you need to send me that week. First update will be tomorrow so please log on.

Enterprise - Ms McBride and Ms S Kelly

Please refer to google classroom for work assigned on the days you have class.

TY Computing

Please complete the outstanding accreditation on for the course ‘Get Safe Work Safe’ and email your certificate to your relevant Computing teacher

Michael Doherty TY

Please join the classroom code twxhmxj

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