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Monday 18th January

Back to online again and it’s 2021. Hard to believe!!

Hope you are all well. I have been talking to some of you throughout last week however there are a number of you who haven’t engaged at all.

You all should of collected your practical achievement booklets from the office, your exam papers and books from the room. Any student that needs their chromebook can borrow their one from school. Please get this stuff collected as you won’t be able to keep up with the work if you don’t have the equipment and books.

Google classroom

A few teachers have been in touch to say that some of you haven’t joined their google classroom. Can you check in your drive if there is a class you don’t have please and email the teacher for an invite. They probably have sent you one already but it may have got lost among the many emails. You must join your extra english and maths classes also.

Virtual work

Please join all live lessons. You are never going to have too much work so please do what is requested. If you cannot join due to illness, device availability or internet issues can you please email that teacher and let them know so they can allow for this when recording attendance. In most cases you will still be expected to do the work assigned but later that day instead. Some lessons will be pre recorded and have a deadline for completion, you must meet these deadlines as the teacher will not have time to keep going back to check after. They will have moved all to a whole new set of work from students.

As LCA work is continuous assessment you need to get the work in. It may be a key assignment which counts towards your credits. Teachers will start to award your credits for the first term next week. Attendance matters too even though it is online it still counts towards your credits. You must engage with your teacher regarding all assignments and activities.

Work Experience

LCA are requested not to attend work experience at the minute unless it is something you can do from home. You were sent tasks to complete for the next three weeks. Fun activities that shouldnt take you more than an hour. Unfortunately very few of you completed these last Thursday. There are 10 vsware points going for these each week.


As you are all aware both Year 1 & 2 have tasks to be completed that are to be examined by the Department of Education as part of your Leaving Certificate result. These have a deadline of Friday 29th January. There is still a lot of work left to do for some people. Please pay particular attention to these teachers and prioritise getting these finished immediately.

Love the life you Live

All LCA1 and LCA2 must register for this programme. I have sent you the email with the link and instructions. No exceptions! The course starts online this Friday from 11.00 - 12.30pm. The form has to be returned to the email address required before we can start. Make this the first thing you do now when you finish reading this document.


This programme continues for LCA1 on Tuesday from 11.30-12.30 for a virtual meeting plus other activities online throughout the week.

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