Music is a very useful subject that offers many career options. Employers are interested in people who have a broad experience in a wide variety of subjects. Music will give you even more opportunities. It could be a step towards any one of the following areas:

Television/ Radio industry – Music editor, Producer, Sound mixer, Engineer, Programme director, DJ

Music Industry – Publisher/ Editor, Music software programmer, Music management & sales, recording engineer

Education – Teaching in primary/ secondary school, 3rd level colleges/ Universities, Music therapist, Librarian/     Researcher

Composing/ Arranger – TV, film and advertising

More and more opportunities are opening up in the music industry and related areas


A recent study in the journal ‘Social Science Quarterly (Feb 2009) reveals that music lessons taken in school has a positive effect on reading and mathematic achievement in early childhood and adolescence. Music is positively associated with academic achievement, especially during secondary school years.



Junior Certificate overview


 At Junior Certificate, students have 4 periods per week – Usually made up of 2 double periods


The following work is covered under 3 main categories


     Composing – Students learn how to

                           Read and write music

                           Recognise and compose simple and rhythmic patterns

                           Write short answer phrases of 4 bars to be given a 4 bar opening


     Listening – Students will

                        Study musical features

                        Study patterns of repetition and change within the music

                        Form comparative judgements evaluate


     Performing – Performing is a necessary requirement of the course at the junior certificate level accounts for 25% of the overall exam. This can involve singing and/ or playing a musical instrument, either solo or in a group.


Books used are tuned in – textbook, Sounds good – Workbook 

Leaving Certificate Overview


Students at Leaving Cert level have 5 periods per week made up of 2 double periods and 1 single period.


The course consists of a continuation of Junior Certificate course work with emphasis on the 3 activity areas

     Composing – 25% of exam


      Performing – 25% of Exam

      Listening – 25% of Exam


Performing can be a group or individual activity and may make up to 50% of overall leaving Cert grade


Computer technology can be included in all parts of the course enabling students to keep up to date with software and hardware facilities


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Subject Co-Ordinator – Ms M. Gallagher

Academic Staff – Ms D. Roper

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