History deals with the experience of human life in the past. This study is indispensable to a students understanding of the human condition + human motivation. History is a good foundation for many careers – archaeology, law, broadcasting, journalism, civil service, politics, tourism and many more. The study of history should enhance student’s objectivity and their understanding of community, country and the wider world.

Junior Certificate Course

The Junior Certificate history course is a three year cycle using the book ‘Uncovering History’. Students have 3 periods per week and will work on some of the following topics:

Ancient Ireland

Middle ages




Political Revolutions

Industrial Revolutions

Modern Europe

Modern Ireland


The subject is assessed at Junior Certificate level as follows –

Class tests

Oral questioning

Homework assignments

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

Junior Cert exam after 3 years


Leaving Certificate Course

The Leaving Certificate history course is a two year cycle using the books ‘Movements for reform 1870 – 1914’, ‘Politics & Society in Northern Ireland 1949 – 1993’, ‘Modern Europe & the Wider World’ The 2010 – 2011 course has 5 periods per week and includes the following topics:

Topic 1: The Apprentice Boys, Coleraine University Controversy, The sunningdale Agreement and Power sharing Executive.

Topic 2: Movement for Reform 1870 – 1914

Topic 3: Dictatorship and Democracy 1920 – 1945

Topic 4: Division and Realignment in Europe 1945 – 1992

Students also undertake a research project which permits students to explore a particular area of history which they have a specific interest in. This project is submitted at the end of April and is marked out of 20%.

The subject is assessed at Leaving Certificate level as follows –

Regular class tests

Oral questioning

Homework assignments with documents

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

Leaving Certificate exam after 2 years


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