The central concept of this course in Civic, Social and Political Education is that of Citizenship, the realisation of the civic, social and political dimensions in the life of the individual person through active participation in society. CSPE is vital to the development of reflective and participative citizens and offers great opportunities for the holistic development of students. In particular it affords opportunities for students to have a say and to realise that they can impact on their community, society and world. Its emphasis on rights and responsibilities and social responsibility is very important.


The CSPE course is examined as part of the Junior Certificate Course, in two parts

  1. An Action Project completed during their third year worth 60% of the final grade
  2. A final Examination worth 40%

The course is based on 7 concepts

Rights and Responsibilities

Human Dignity






The core text book used is ‘Making A Difference’ by Conor Harrison and Mairin Wilson An internally produced supplement text and a variety of other resources are used as new materially is constantly being created.All teachers assess the students individually during the course but a common exam is given to all students during the Christmas and summer exam period.




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 Subject Co-Ordinator – Mr C. DavisAcademic Staff – Ms R. DeeneyAcademic Staff – Ms S. CrawfordAcademic Staff – Mr A. McAleer

Academic Staff – Ms D, Hutton

Academic Staff – Mr D. Deeney

Academic Staff – Ms B. Barry

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