IMG_0823Art is a very wide ranging and beneficial subject on the curriculum.Art refers to the visual arts ie 2D + 3D where as design is much more extensive

encompassing many areas and also more commercially oriented than art itself. The same kinds of artistic talents and creative imagination are needed for both.

The students who are exposed to art in school foster a critical appreciation of the arts for personal fulfillment and enjoyment. Many students become interested in taking art further after leaving school.

There are many routes to pursuing a career in Art & Design. Some career examples would be

  •      Art teaching/lecturing
  •      Art facilitator
  •      Sculptor/Painter
  •      Photography
  •      Illustration
  •      Animation
  •      TV & Films
  •      ArchitectureArt
  •      Curator
  •      Industrial Design
  •      Graphic Design
  •      Textile Design
  •      Interior Design
  •      Fashion Design
  •      Computer Aided Design
  •      Jewellery Design
  •      Web Design

Junior Certificate Course

At Junior Certificate level, students have 4 periods per week The drawing exam which takes place in May consists of 2 sections. The Junior Certificate consists of an art project which is done from October to May. Various titles are given, the student selects one and develops his/her project based on the title.

  •    Observational Drawing
  •    Life Drawing

Leaving Certificate Course

At Senior level, students have 5 periods per week.

The Leaving Certificate consists of 4 sections/exams

  •      Still Life or imaginative composition
  •      Design or Craftwork
  •      Life Drawing
  •      Art History & Appreciation

Department Staff

  • Subject Co-Ordinator – Ms R. Deeney
  • Academic Staff – Ms M. Boyce

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