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Leaving Certificate Course

Science is broke down into three different subjects at Leaving Certificate.





In Scoil Mhuire, all students study physics as part of the Junior Certificate Science curriculum. Physics is also offered as a Leaving physicsCertificate subject at both ordinary and higher level. Physics is a vital part of most modern technology whether in the investigating or the manufacturing of products. A good knowledge of physics leads to a better understanding of the other sciences and is looked upon very favourably by college recruiters. in college, success in virtually all science, computing, engineering and premedical degrees depends in part on passing physics. A knowledge of physics is also helpful in the understanding of music, politics, history & culture.


The Leaving Certificate physics is a two year course studied through the book ‘Real World Physics’, with 2 double periods and 2 single periods in 5th year, then completed in 6th year with 2 double periods and 1 single period.

The course involves 5 areas:

  1. Light & wave motion
  2. Heat
  3. Mechanics
  4. Sound
  5. Electrostatics

Students are assessed at Leaving Certificate level in the following ways:

Regular class tests

Oral questioning

Homework assignments

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

A study plan used as continuous reference

Leaving Certificate exam after 2 years













Chemistry is a practical and challenging discipline that stretches the imagination. Chemists analyse, synthesise, quantify and design materials. Chemists create models, Chemtheories and rationalise what happens in a laboratory. The study of chemistry prepares individuals for real-life jobs in the chemical industry, education and other related fields. It fundamentally develops the ability to solve problems and to think critically. Chemistry is exciting intellectually challenging and rewarding. It provides students with a great opportunity to launch themselves into a career of their choice.


At the Leaving Certificate level, students have 5 periods per week in 5th year 6 periods a week in 6th year and use ‘Chemistry Now’ and work on the following:

The Periodic Table and Atomic Structure

Chemical Bonding

Stoichiometry, Formulas and Equations

Volumetric Analysis

Fuels and Heat of Reaction

Rates of Reaction

Organic Chemistry

Chemical Equilibrium

Enviromental Chemistry – Water


The subject is assessed at Leaving Certificate level as follows –

Class tests

Homework assignments

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

Leaving Certificate exam after 2 years



Department Staff Subject Web Resources
Subject Co-Ordinator – Ms L. Barron

Academic Staff – Ms J. Wheston (Physics)

Academic Staff – Mr P. Carr (Biology)

Academic Staff – Ms M. Boyle (Chemistry)

Academic Staff – Mr E. Doherty

Academic Staff – Ms J. McDaid

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