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Chef co-workers in toques and chefÕs whites kneading dough in co Home Economics opens up many business opportunities related to the food and textile industries. Home Economists are found in many careers from nutritionists, food scientists, teachers, chefs, cooks designers, social workers and childcare.



Junior Certificate Course


At the Junior Certificate level, students have 4 periods per week in 1st and 2nd year and 5 periods a week in 3rd year and work on the following topics:




Unit 1 Food studies & cookery Unit 2 Consumer Studies
NutritionBalanced DietsSpecial DietsFood Hygiene & StorageHome Baking Educating the students inbeing a responsible consumer. This links with business studies
Unit 3 Social Studies covers Unit 4
The familyHuman BodyHealth Education Resource Management &Home Studies
Unit 5 Textile studies Unit 6 Optional studies
Fibers & fabricsNeedlework skills ChildcareDesign & CraftworkTextile studies


The core text book used is ‘Spice of life, Learning for life’ and the break down of the Junior Certificate exam is as follows:


Higher Level Ordinary Level
Food Cookery Practical       35%         45%
Design & Craftwork       15%         15%
Written       50%         40%



The subject is assessed at Junior Certificate level as follows –

Class testsHE2

Oral questioning

Homework assignments

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

Junior Certificate exam after 3 years


Leaving Certificate Course


At the Leaving Certificate level, students have 5 periods per week in 5th year 6 periods a week in 6th year and work on the following 3 cores:


Unit 1 Food Studies & Nutrition


Food studies & nutrition

Diet and health

Preparation and processing of food/ Irish diet

Meal management & planning

Food processing & packaging, Additives

Microbiology, food spoilage & food poisoning


Food safety & hygiene, legislation


Unit 2 Resource Management & consumer studies


Consumer studies

Money management

Household technology


Unit 3 Social Studies


Family in society

Family structure/ functions

Marriage/ legal separation/ divorce


Unit 4 Three electives – Choose one


Home design & management

Social studies

Textile studies


The subject is assessed at Leaving Certificate level as follows –

Class tests

Oral questioning

Homework assignments

Formal Christmas and Summer exams

Leaving Certificate exam after 2 years



Department Staff Subject Web Resources
Subject Co-Ordinator – Ms L. ODonnell

Academic Staff – Ms L. Dolan

Academic Staff – Ms A. Hegarty





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