ICT is an integral part of the curriculum at Scoil Mhuire and beginning to involve all teachers. With the expanding amount of ICT equipment within the school, all staff are developing their skills in the use of ICT in the class and within each subject. ICT2

Each classroom has been equipped with a data projector and laptop or PC. The laptops and PCs have access to 100Mb broadband for research and presentation purposes.

The school has been equipped with 2 IT suites, each with 30 PCs and access to printers. The school has also invested in a laptop caddy which contain 26 laptops that can be used in any classroom and have full Internet access.

The school has developed and is continuing to develop whole-school policies and approaches designed to maximise the effective use of ICT across the curriculum.


These include:

  • provision of a school-wide network of computers and laptops,
  • access to a wide range of hardware and software resources,
  • continuous development of staff ICT skills,
  • ICT skills training for all 1st, 2nd and 3rd year pupils to include:
    • MS Word 2013ICT
    • MS PowerPoint 2013
    • MS Excel 2013
    • MS Access 2013
    • Mavis Beacon
    • Scratch
  •  opportunities to study MOS in Transition Year which has access to MS exams
  •  opportunities to increase ICT skills in 5th & 6th year to prepare for college or university.



Department Staff

Subject Co-Ordinator – Mr S. Baldrick

Academic Staff – Mr D. Hutton

Academic Staff – Ms K. McGonagle

Academic Staff – Ms A. McGonagle

Academic Staff – Ms M. McBride

Academic Staff – Mr. D. Geaney


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