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PDSTAs part of an ICT Pilot programme run by the Donegal Education Centre in conjunction with PDST, Scoil Mhuire along with 2 other Donegal schools got involved. The programme involved 5 teachers from the 3 schools coming together to share different technologies that can be used in the class. Siobhan O’Sullivan from the PDST led the programme, giving extra support and training on the different technologies available to teachers. Each teacher took on a few of these and used them with their classes to gain experience. Towards the end of the programme PDST arranged for these 5 teachers to be filmed using these technologies, in what they call Good Practice Videos. The two videos recorded by our teachers, Mr S Baldrick and Ms M Nelson are available below to view.

Geography teacher Mr S Baldrick, from Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana discusses how technology can be used to support revision. He begins by facilitating student self-correction of cloze test homework using presentation software, e.g. PowerPoint. He prepared a revision video in advance using the ShowMe iPad app, which is based on the Irish curriculum and targeted at the needs of his students. After viewing the video, students complete a Socrative quiz in class, which provides them with immediate feedback after each question. Mr Baldrick can identify which topics are still problematic and/or which students require additional support. After class, he shares the revision video, other resources and assignments using Google Classroom, a virtual learning environment, which enables to access class material at home.

Mr S Baldrick’s Video

Ms M Nelson from Scoil Mhuire, Buncrana demonstrates how she uses students own devices (a range of smartphones and tablets) to support active learning with her second year Geography class. When introducing a new topic she assesses students’ prior knowledge and builds student engagement using Kahoot. Students self and peer assess their oral fluency and Geography content knowledge by using their devices to record one other. At the end of class students reflect on their learning using Padlet. Ms Nelson has also created a class website to share a range of differentiated resources (including images, videos, notes, presentations, Thinglink, etc.) to suit all learners. Students can access these from home for revision purposes.

Ms M Nelson’s Video


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