School Year 2015-2016

As we are fast approaching the beginning of September, it’s time to prepare for back to school. Below are the return dates for each year group. Book rental fees, which are obtainable from the school, are payable on the day of return or prior to this.

Opening Dates 2015

    • 1st Years                  Monday 31st August
    • 3rd and 6th Years     Tuesday 1st September
    • 5th Years                 Wednesday 2nd September
    • 2nd Years                 Thursday 3rd September
    • TY                            Friday 4th September
    • LCA Students         Friday 4th September
    • Spanish Students   Wednesday 2nd September




Below you will find a list of books required for 5th year students (Leaving Certificate Year 1). These books need to be purchased before the start of term, so school work can commence from day one.

Subject Level Book Name                                   Publisher
Irish Ordinary Fuinneamh


    Ed Co


Irish Higher No book required. Notes supplied.

(€ 5 payable Sept)

English Ordinary Circle of Friends      (Any Edition)
English Higher  Hamlet                    (Any Edition)



Maths Ordinary Active Maths 3 (Books 1 & 2)                                    New Edition. Do not buy 2nd hand. Folens
Maths Higher Active Maths 4 (Books 1 & 2)                                   New Edition. Do not buy 2nd hand.


French Ordinary


Tout  va Bien (NB New Edition only)

Bien Dit


Ed Co

French Higher


A L’Attaque

Bien Dit

 Gill & Macm.


History All Levels Modern Ireland Gill & Macmillan
Geography All Levels

All levels


Planet and People (Core Book)

Planet  & People Human Environment





Chemistry All Levels

All Levels

Understanding Chemistry 2nd Edition

Leaving Certificate Chemistry Student  Laboratory Notebook

Ed Co




All Levels Biology book to be rented directly from school in Sept
Physics All Levels Real World Physics Folens



All Levels

All Levels

All Levels

Accounting For Senior Cycle (Third Edition)

Leaving Certificate Business Express

Leaving Certificate Rapid Revision Economics

Ed Co




Home Economics All Levels Living Today Gill & Macmillian
LCVP All Levels Making It Happen

**New Edition. Do not buy 2nd hand.

Construction Studies All Levels Get Constructing : A Modern Approach To Construction Studies
Design & Communication Graphics (DCG) All Levels Graphics in Design & Communications

(One Volume Edition)

Gill & Macmillan
Engineering All Levels New Engineering Technology

(NB 3rd Edition only)



Ed Co
Careers All Levels Careers Reach Programme

Workbook and Online Package.

(Available Sept from Ms Mc Cafferty )




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